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Good Citizen Day 2018

Congratulations once again on being nominated to receive the
Union League Good Citizenship Award!


We are looking forward to meeting you at Good Citizen Day on Wednesday, May 16, 2018! Below are some important reminders aout the Day!


Dress Code

Union League members follow a dress code when in the League building. Good Citizenship Awardees are expected to do the same. Young men should wear a shirt and tie. A sport or suit coat is ideal, but not required. Young women should wear dresses, skirts, or dress pants with a blouse. Scouts, Explorers, ROTC and Civil Air Patrol are encouraged to wear uniforms, but it is not required.
For the afternoon program students will walk over to City Hall, please wear comfortable shoes. ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS OR SNEAKERS!

Photo ID

A photo ID is required for entrance into City Hall. DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID!

What to Bring

You will not be allowed to carry backpacks or other large bags through security at City Hall. Large bags and other personal items will be secured in locked storage at the Union League during the afternoon program. We recommend bringing as few items as possible, and no valuables, with you for the day.

Arrival and Dismissal

ARRIVE ON TIME! Registration and light breakfast will begin at 8:00am. THE PROGRAM WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY AT 9:00am.

Please use our 15th Street entrance for morning arrival. This entrance is located on 15th Street between Sansom Street & Moravian Streets.

The evening program will end at about 8:30pm. Please make arrangements for transportation.

If you already notified us that you are not able to participate in the entire day, Emily Sabol will send you a separate email with specifics for arrival and dismissal. If you have not notified us yet, we expect you to arrive before 9:00am.


You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the Union League. Feel free to reach out to other nominees as you may be able to car pool or take public transportation together.

Anyone being picked-up can convene at our Broad Street doors, our Samson Street doors, or our 15th Street doors. Please be sure to coordinate with the person who is picking you up for a meeting location.

Social Media

We will have prizes for those who interact with us via facebook, twitter & instagram. Be sure to like & follow us!

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We would also like to challenge everyone to make #GoodCitizenDay a local trend! We encourage you, proud parents/guardians, proud organizations & proud schools to use this hashtag as much as possible on May 16 to create a local trend in Philadelphia! Let's see if we can do it!

Other popular #hashtags:
#GCD18   #ULGCD   #GoodCitizenshipAward   #UnionLeague | @GoodCitizenDay | @Good_Citizen_Day

Additional Questions?

Have a question we did not go over? Take a look at our
'GCD18 Fact Sheet' and 'GCD-GCA Information 2018'

If you still have questions or concerns - please feel free to contact Emily Sabol at 215-587-6442 or

Remember to stay connected! Good Citizenship Award recipients are eligible for other programs and opportunities.