Upcoming Programs

Liberty Series

Various Dates, See below

This Series is an opportunity to enjoy five evenings with thought-leaders offering profound insights and lively discussion. These engaging programs will focus on the concepts of liberty, freedom and free enterprise.

This year’s Series kicked off on September 28 with Gordon Wood presenting on The American Enlightenment.  Don’t miss the rest of the Series with:

Receptions: 6 pm
Programs: 6:30 pm*

November 21, 2016: “Socialism vs. Capitalism” David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute

January, 2017 – Date, TBD: “Protecting Rights, Protecting People” – 2nd Amendment discussion

February 21, 2017: “The Rule of Law” Pat Meehan, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Pennsylvania 7th District

March 23, 2017: “The United States Constitution” Samuel Alito, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court

Each part will run 6pm reception, 6:30pm program.

Liberty Weekend

January 5-7, 2017

The Liberty Weekend is a student-focused 3-day weekend version of the Liberty Series.  The goal of the program is to engage college-aged students in discussions around the concepts of liberty, freedom and free enterprise. 

The program is only open to past Good Citizenship Award recipients who are either currently attending college or only recently graduated.  This year’s Weekend program will run from Thursday, January 5 through Saturday, January 7.

Applications were e-mailed out to all students.  For questions, or to receive another e-mail with your application, please contact foundations@unionleague.org. 

Exhibit Opening

March, 2017

The Abraham Lincoln Foundation anticipates opening its latest exhibit in March 2017.  Be sure to come to the Heritage Center to come see it!

Good Citizen Day

May 10, 2017

Volunteer to be a facilitator to help another group of young adults work through the activities on Good Citizen Day. If you are unable to attend the full-day program, please plan to join us for the awards banquet dinner!

Scholars Program

May 23, 2017

A program will be held during the day on Tuesday, May 23. Program details to be determined. Please check back for details.

Scholarship Awards Ceremony

May 23, 2017

Please plan to join us for the celebration welcoming a new group of Union League Scholars into our community. Invitations will be sent at by early- to mid-April 2017.

For reservations for all programs, please e-mail foundations@unionleague.org.

For questions, or to learn more about the programs, contact Kira Foley-Tuzman at 215.587.6455 or kira@unionleague.org.