Maintaining a Union League Scholarship

Union League scholars must meet several requirements to maintain the Union League Scholarship: Paperwork

Each Union League scholar is required to submit paperwork to maintain his or her scholarship. The first two items are required each semester; the third is required once each year.

• Grades from the most recently completed semester
• Bill for the upcoming semester
• Annual update letter

This letter should be sent to the Foundations office each year, addressed to the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Foundation. A scholar should share information about what has been going on in his or her life for the past year and any exciting upcoming events. This letter is meant for a scholar’s file, but can be shared at any time with the Board or donors.


While scholars are not required per se to attend the programs that the Scholarship Foundation conducts, it is a great way to stay in touch with the staff and the Board of Trustees who often attend.

Give back

Each year, the new incoming class of Union League Scholars is asked to sign a meaningful piece of paperwork in acceptance of their scholarships. This document is called The Franklin Letter. The Franklin Letter is a letter that Benjamin Franklin wrote to a young man to whom he had lent money. Franklin was explaining that while he expected no direct re-payment of the loan, it was not simply a gift. The letter read in part:  “When you meet another honest man in similar distress, you will pay me by lending to him, and then you will discharge the debt. I hope it may thus go through many hands”. In accepting the scholarship, we ask the Union League Scholar to make a pledge to give back this gift, to continue paying it forward.