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The Dr. Russell P. Heuer Room

The Dr. Russell P. Heuer Room within The Sir John Templeton Heritage Center is a beautiful space that displays the exhibits curated by the Abraham Lincoln Foundation. The current exhibits on display are Love of Country Leads and 1865: Triumph and Tragedy. To learn more about these exhibits, visit here.

About Dr. Russell P. Heuer

The Dr. Russell P. Heuer Room was named in honor of Dr. Russell P. Heuer, the 40th president of The Union League of Philadelphia. The Heuer Room was made possible through the generosity of the Heuer Foundation and Bill Watson, Heuer's grandson, who was the president of the Foundation and a long-standing member of the League.


Russell Pearce Heuer was born in Philadelphia on June 13, 1896. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a bachelor of science degree in 1917, a graduate degree in chemical engineering in 1922 and a doctorate in 1927. He was associated with General Refractories Company in Philadelphia, serving as vice president and director. During World War II, Dr. Heuer served as a member of War Metallurgy Committee of the National Academy of Sciences. He received the Modern Pioneer Award in 1940 and the Trinks Industrial Heating Award in 1954. Dr. Heuer joined The Union League of Philadelphia on May 14, 1943. He served as a director in 1955, ’56 and ’57; as vice president and chairman of the House Committee in 1958 and ’59; and as president in 1961. Dr. Heuer was the author of numerous technical publications regarding refractories, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.